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In order to become approved by the ADTB students must complete all 6 of our on-line courses. As the courses are designed to run one into another, it is highly recommended to begin with course 1 and move on when ready. Once students have completed all courses and their test paperwork has been submitted, marked and passed the participant will be known as an ADTB Online Graduate.

Their contact information will be shown on the ADTB website.

Should students intend to run Pet Dog Training Classes we highly recommend that they seek practical training experience once they have begun our courses.

Students who wish to become ADTB Approved Instructors must meet the required criteria.

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ADTB Online Dog Training Courses

Module 1 - Understanding What Makes Dog Tick

Before it is possible to train a dog or deal with a bad behaviour problem a Trainer or Behavioural consultant must understand the way a dogs´ mind works. Just like a doctor, we must be capable of recognizing the problem and offering a solution.
Dogs, just like people have different personalities and what works for one may not work for another. In order to prescribe the best "method" the teacher must be capable of "reading" the dogs' personality.

This one off document will help the reader to understand "What makes dogs tick". The course is not only suitable for people interested in becoming dog trainers it is a great source of knowledge for anyone who is considering adding a dog to their family. The document covers:

  • Rearing
  • Early Socialization With Dogs And Humans
  • Health
  • The Owners
  • Training


This document is a must for anyone wishing to embark into the field of Dog Training or Behavioural Counselling. It is also suitable for Pet Dog Owners.

Course Price: £20.00



Module 2 - Setting Up A Successful Training Class

All the tried and tested do's and don'ts:

  • Finding Premises
  • Advertising
  • Receiving Telephone Calls
  • Presenting A Professional Package For Your Clients
  • Making Contacts
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Charges
  • Setting Up A Class


The advice offered in this document has been gathered from information supplied from our ADTB Instructors who have set up and successfully held training classes. There is so much information contained in this course which will help in many ways to make setting up a training class so much easier.

Many of us due to lack of knowledge or over-enthusiasm have made mistakes when setting up our classes but a sharing of ideas between our Instructors has resulted in the ADTB being in a position to assist newcomers to our profession and offer lots of practical advice.

It is a "must" for anyone wishing to embark on running classes whether as a business or hobby and will offer a wealth of knowledge.

Course Price: £35.00



Module 3 - Puppy Level Instructors Course

Many people starting out in the field of Dog Training begin by offering a puppy training class. This class may come in the form of "Puppy Parties" held at veterinary surgeries, puppy socialization classes or, one to one home visitations.

Puppies are a "sponge" for learning and the early introduction of teaching can alleviate many problems at a later date. The course covers:

  • Advise For The Owner Prior To Obtaining A Puppy
  • Responsibility And Care
  • Cleanliness And Identification
  • Attentive Response To Name
  • Playing
  • Bringing A Puppy Home
  • Where To Sleep
  • General Care And Management
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Chewing
  • Puppy Biting
  • Socialization With Adults, Children And Dogs
  • Noise Distraction
  • Handling For Health Reasons
  • Food Manners
  • Taking Things From A Puppy
  • Car Travel
  • The Introduction Of Obedience Training


Course Price: £35.00



Module 4 - "Sapphire Level" Instructors Course: Running a Course for the Domestic Pet Dog and Its Owner

This module covers:

  • Walking On Lead
  • Coming Back When Asked
  • A Short Stay
  • Sit, Stand And Down
  • Food And Table Manners
  • Grooming, Care And Management
  • Control At Doorways
  • Jumping Up
  • Excess Barking
  • Socialization With People And Other Dogs
  • Examination For Health
  • Planning an assessment evening for your pupils.


Course Price: £35.00



Module 5 - "Diamond Level" Instructors Course: Running a Course for the Domestic Pet Dog and Owner Who Have Undertaken the Bronze Course

This module covers:

  • Sensible Play With The Dog
  • Road Walking
  • Rejoining The Owner
  • Stay In One Place
  • Vehicle Control
  • Come Away From Distraction
  • Controlled Greeting
  • Food Manners
  • Examination Of The Dog
  • Responsibility And Care
  • Planning an assessment evening for your pupils.


Course Price: £35.00



Module 6 - "Platinum Level" Instructors Course: Running A Course for the Domestic Pet Dog and Owner Who Have Undertaken the Bronze and Silver Courses

This module covers:

  • Road Walk
  • Return To Handler
  • Walk Free In Secure Area
  • Stay Down In One Place
  • Send The Dog To Bed
  • Stop The Dog From Moving Forward In An Emergency
  • Planning an assessment evening for your pupils.


Course Price: £35.00