Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Book And Receive The Online Courses?

A. Participants should book their course/courses using the information provided on the "How to Enrol" page.

Once the ADTB office receives bookings students are sent an email "Welcome Pack contained in two emails". In these emails students are given simple, easy to follow instructions explaining how to register on the ADTB members forum. Once you have registered you will be able to access your course/courses.

You simply download them to your computer for home study at your leisure. (Please note. Only ADTB members and course participants can gain access to the ADTB forum).


Q. Is There Any Benefit By Booking All 6 Courses At Once?

A. Those who book all 6 courses at once will receive (upon successful completion of the courses and paperwork) their first years´ membership within the ADTB free of charge (saving £35). Students are also welcome to book each course one by one.


Q. What Time Factor Is Involved In Taking The Courses?

A. Each individual is different. Some people may have a lot of spare time on their hands and may complete the courses in a matter of weeks. Others may be in full time employment, have a home and family to look after and have very limited spare time. The answer is simple, there is no time limit. Students can complete the full set of online theory courses in their own time.


Q. What Do The Courses Cost?

A. The cost of each course is stated alongside the course description on the ADTB Courses page. The total cost is £195. Participants can either enroll to undertake the full set of courses and receive their first years membership free or, enroll for each course individually.


Q. Do Your Courses Offer A Diploma?

A. Participants receive a diploma for each course they undertake and complete a successful test paper. Those people who go on to become an ADTB APPROVED INSTRUCTOR receive a second diploma stating that they are an ADTB Approved Instructor, plus a letter of reference..


Q. Is This Diploma Recognized?

A. It may surprise the reader to discover that there is actually no governing body in the UK regarding Dog Training. What is available at present are various organizations who offer courses at different levels with very varied prices.

People who are interested in taking Dog Training courses should shop around and try to find a course which will suit their individual needs offered at a price to also suit. The ADTB is now in it's 13th year and is generally regarded as one of the most highly respected canine organizations in the UK. We keep abreast of all incoming changes and will gladly embrace any rulings which may be imposed by the government in the future to protect dogs and insist on qualification of Trainers.


Q. Are The Courses Suitable For People Who Live Outside The UK?

A.Yes, these people can also become Fully Approved provided they meet the required criteria.


Q. How Do I Renew My ADTB Membership?

A. To renew your ADTB membership, please click here.


Q. What Other Help Do You Offer?

A. Participants are given access to the ADTB members forum. On the forum they meet up with other people taking the courses. They have the opportunity to read many excellent articles relating to dogs.

The forum offers the following groups:
Announcements Section

Serious Canine Discussion Group - Where members can post canine problems and offer advice to others who are dealing with problems.

Members' Documents Section - Where we store articles which have been written by our own members or others who have kindly agreed to publication on our forum.

Course Participant Section - Where students can download their course material and chat with other students.

Student Help Centre - Where students can ask for help and advice on any of the course materials or other canine related matters.

Archives Section - All serious Canine related documents which have been written in the past are stored in this area.

Members and students can post mail seeking advice, contribute to problem solving and make many new friends who have the same interests. Participants are also encouraged to communicate by email with their mentor Jenni Watson. Jenni will be delighted to offer any advice.

In addition the ADTB releases three newsletter per year.


Q. Is it possible to hear any comments from people who have done the courses?

A. Here are some testimonials:
"I have been training dogs for more years than I care to think about. These days experience counts but clients want to know that you have the theory and understanding behind that experience.

This is where the courses run by the ADTB come in, apart from giving you structured information they also draw on that experience and test that you have taken on board the knowledge at a suitable level.

You can follow these courses at your own speed, the time scale is in your hands.

I can highly recommend these courses."
Rod Rose


I have just finished reading "What makes Dogs Tick" for the 5th time. I've made my whole family read it too.
It's really well put together and really makes you realize just what you have to consider as a dog owner for the benefits of your dogs health, and the different responsibilities as a dog trainer.

I am really happy with the insight it has provided so far and just wanted to say thank you."
Amber Thomas

"I would like to give my opinion on the ADTB courses.

Since starting them in September I have completed the first two courses and have been very impressed. Initially I was slightly worried that they might be too academic for the likes of my good self to get my head around but actually I have found them to be extremely thorough and detailed with loads of practical tips and interesting course material.

Lots of support is on offer if it is needed. I am looking forward to continuing to the next level in the near future and I would heartily encourage anyone who is considering taking the plunge to DO IT!!"
Paula Aitken

Received in 2006:
"I'm Malcolm Hewitt I started my ADTB courses in early May 2005,  I have just finished the Gold course and I am being assessed on Friday 4th November, 2006 at my own club PAWSITIVE DOG TRAINING which I started in June with my Daughters help.

Regarding the courses they are very well laid out and the information is brilliant. I have learnt so much and I thought I knew a lot about dogs before. Also with Jenni in charge you feel it´s like a one to one basis she is so helpful."
(Malcolm and his daughter are now fully Approved ADTB Instructors)